To make all of the giveaways fair to everyone I have decided to make a page of policies and explain here how they will work. Each giveaway will last atleast a day to give everyone a chance to enter. When I post the giveaway I will say how you can get entries and have a chance to win. Each giveaway will be different so be sure to read before commenting. I will use to choose each winner. Once a winner is chosen I will post that the giveaway is over.

  • Immediate family such as my sisters/step sisters/sister in law/mom/mother in law CANNOT enter. Well you can but you will not win. It's not like you pay for your stuff anyways. Aunts/cousins/anyone else besides those listed above, feel free to enter.
  • Each person can only win one time. Let me explain. Each time a giveaway is done there will be multiple items available to win. If I post 3 items, whoever wins the 1st item isn't eligible to win the 2nd or 3rd. However you can participate in future giveaways.
  • Shipping is free to the winners.
  • LOCAL WINNERS: You have 10 days to claim your prize unless I say otherwise. You can do this by contacting me once the giveaway is over and we can plan to meet somewhere. If you do not claim your prize by the 10th day I will choose another winner.
If you have any questions regarding giveaways please contact me.

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